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200% JVZoo Commissions with Amazon.. AND YouTube!? This Changes

Chris & Ken Here...

Since 2006, we've sold $20 million+ of digital products on ClickBank...

Then, we made our JVZoo debut, with our T-Shirt Titan softwares.

T-Shirt Titan 1 and 2 sold 7,500 units across the funnel, with over 100+ testimonials...

The Video Titan series sold over 10,500 units and converted above 10% for 9 of our top 10 affiliates ..

Affiliate Titan 1 and 2 sold over 7,000 units and once more converted incredibly well...

EDIT: Our last offer, Video Titan, was #1 on JVZoo and now we're announcing the NEXT MONSTER!...

Earn 100-200% commissions with our newest offer - ZEN TTTAN!

Zen Titan v1.0 combines YouTube and Amazon with FOUR (!) softwares in the front-end:

• Zen Niches Database 1 Click datbase pre-loaded with 100 Amazon niches (monthly searches, CPC and average Amazon $ earnings)

• Zen Affiliate Builder Instantly create Amazon reviews with built in "article spinner" and drag and drop technology

• Zen Video Creator CREATES AMAZON VIDEOS IN 1 CLICK for any product or niche in SECONDS (seriously - sign up for the demo!)

• Zen ecommerce/Amazon Website Theme Wordpress "Amazon product review" theme which auto-imports products and creates review pages in seconds!

• Plus we have 3 "four-figure marketing" methods, which will "tie it all together" for customers...

If you have an "Amazon" or "YouTube" list, you will REALLY want to promote this.

And, even if your list is general "video", or "make money" or "IM" or "JVZoo", they will still want in on this.

We're paying a MINIMUM of 100% front-end commissions.. and through the launch week, up to a staggering 200%! Sign up to the JV list for more info.

So, please check out the demo video, preview the sales pitch, and sign up for product preview, your affiliate link, swipes etc.

It's time to switch up the Amazon and YouTube game for 2016 and beyond. Let's make this a GAME-CHANGER for IMers on your list!

Zen Titan Launches January 17th

Why Promote Zen Titan ?

100-200% Commissions!

Expect 20%+ conversions and $10 EPCs with ZenTitan!

Earn Up To $240 Per Sale

Expect a rock-solid funnel, focused on customer value.

Your Customers

Give them a $1,000 product
for a fraction of the cost

Amazon Affiliate = HOT

256 million UNTAPPED affiliate programs (plus ClickBank)

YouTube = Hot

Get free views & traffic for millions of keywords.. automatically!

4 Softwares In ONE

Titan does in 2 minutes what would take you 20 hours.

4x Amazon/YouTube Softwares. Earn 100-200% !

Earn 100-200% With JVZoo (Launch Only)

Promote Zen Titan with JVZoo

You will  promote with JVZoo (you will get paid via Paypal). Sign up to the JV list for your affiliate link.

You must have 100+ sales for "instant" commission.


Commission bumps - earn 200%!

By default, the F/E commission is set at 100% but you can earn much more..

Simply sell more than 10 units to earn 125%. Sell 20 to earn 150%... Sell more than 30 to earn 200% FE commissions!

Earn $250 Per Sale With The CRAZIEST,
Newest Amazon/YouTube Software of 2017

$12,000 in development costs to create the ultimate money-making, loophole-exploiting software for 2017.. and beyond:

And that's just the front-end!

We've also got a high-value funnel lined up, so you can earn as much as $250 per sale.

So are you in? The first step is to sign up to the jv list at the top of the page.

Zen Titan Launches January 17th